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The maintenance of E-cig battery

E-cig devices are like any other items you use in your daily life. They get cluttered with dirt from constant use. To obtain better product performance and longest possible life span, regular maintenance is necessary. The maintenance involves two parts majorly, E-cig battery and atomizer/ Cartridge. Proper cleaning and care will bring the devices to their peak performance. 


There are many ways to clean an e cig atomizer. We will recommend a few methods that are both easy to do and effective here. Before going to any actual cleaning, you may disassemble the atomizer from your e-cigarette first. 




Much like reusable cartridges, dirt and residue can accumulate where the battery meets the cartridge, so cleaning it with a damp cotton swab every week or so can improve the connection between the e-cigarette’s two parts and increase the device’s performance. If grime has hardened and doesn’t come off easily, try using something pointy like tweezers or a toothpick to scrape it out of the crevasses first. Regular cleaning on the connection part will not only give you better vapor experience, but also expanded usage of your e-cig devices. 


In addition, how you charge and will affect its life time too.  It is better to avoid over charging. When the light turns green, it’s fully charged and ready for use. Overcharging typically won’t cause any serious issues with e-cig batteries – or any lithium-based battery for that matter – but it’s still a good idea to disconnect the battery once it reaches a full charge so you can get the fullest out of your e-cig devices. 


If you would like to simply avoid the device maintenance, disposable E-cig will be the choice for you.

However, most of the E cig batteries are reusable nowadays. It is also more cost effective in the long run. 

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Is E-Cigarette the approaching of smoking?

E-cig are added and added accepted nowadays. And more smokers are switching to it from cigarette for its bloom account and banking savings. With the accelerate abound and blubbery activity for its pros, abounding are admiration if e-cig is the approaching of smoking. What is E-Cig Electronic Cigarette is a array powered device, which aftermath breath that has agnate feel to smoker tobacco. There is no smoke and blaze in E-Cigarette. Its operational assumption is bearing breath through assimilation by heating up E-liquid. It contains three key elements. The aboriginal allotment is the battery, which is acting as the ability source. Then the additional allotment is atomizer system, which contains an atomizer and catchbasin for abating e-liquid. The third allotment is the chip which controls the activity transfer. E-liquid is a aggregate of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavorings. Some e-liquids are chargeless of nicotine. Both PG and VG, and flavorings are advised safe. Why switching to E-Cig E-cigarette doesn’t accommodate those adverse chemicals begin in accepted cigarette. It is a accepted actuality that it is safer than cigarette. Abounding smokers accept the accident and accident of smoker tobacco, but it is not simple for them to abdicate as they may accept developed nicotine addiction, abnormally for continued time users. At the alpha of the transition, you may accept the nicotine akin at which your anxious for it is met at the atomic accessible level. And you can abate the nicotine akin gradually. But, in no means, E-cig is smoker abeyance device. E-cig is not alone convalescent than cigarette for you, but the humans about you. There is no additional duke smoke and about no aroma in the air during and afterwards vaping. Beside the bloom benefit, E-cig aswell reduces your smoker cost. Assume you are a approved one backpack per day smoker, the boilerplate amount for a backpack of cigarettes is $6~$8. Your account and annual amount will be $180~$240 and $2160~$2880 respectively. The boilerplate amount of an e-cig armament is about $2.50 – about 1/3 the cost. Including the amount of a amateur kit, of which the amount ranges from $20~$100.00, it will be a huge extenuative in a continued term.
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Is E-Cigarette the future of smoking?

Electronic Cigarette is a battery powered device, which produce vapor that has similar feel to smoking tobacco. There is no smoke and fire in E-Cigarette. Its operational principle is producing vapor through inhalation by heating up E-liquid. It contains three key elements. The first part is the battery, which is acting as the power source. Then the second part is atomizer system, which contains an atomizer and tank for restoring e-liquid. The third part is the microchip which controls the energy transfer. 

Why switching to E-Cig

E-cigarette doesn’t contain those harmful chemicals found in conventional cigarette. It is a known fact that it is safer than cigarette. Many smokers understand the damage and risk of smoking tobacco, but it is not easy for them to quit as they may have developed nicotine addiction, especially for long time users. 

At the beginning of the transition, you may choose the nicotine level at which your longing for it is met at the least possible level. And you can reduce the nicotine level gradually. But, in no means, E-cig is smoking cessation device. 

E-cig is not only healthier than cigarette for you, but the people around you. There is no second hand smoke and almost no scent in the air during and after vaping.

Beside the health benefit, E-cig also reduces your smoking cost. Assume you are a regular one pack per day smoker, the median price for a pack of cigarettes is $6~$8. Your monthly and yearly cost will be $180~$240 and $2160~$2880 respectively.  The average cost of an e-cig cartridge is about $2.50 – almost 1/3 the cost. Including the cost of a starter kit, of which the price ranges from $20~$100.00, it will be a huge saving in a long term. 

The uncertainty about E-cig

It is still unknown if E-cig are 100% no health risk in a long run. And it is currently taxed as electronic products, whose tax standard is way less than tobacco. It is unsure if e-cig will be treated the same as cigarette in terms of tax in future. 

Meantime, there are other types of smoking quitting, or substitute products developing. It is unsure if one of them will take over the popularity of E-cig in future. 


In a word, it is too early to say that E-cig is the future of smoking. While the increasing popularity of  e-cig nowadays, it will only grows and attract more users from cigarette smokers. 


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Single coil VS dual coil

When purchasing E cig coil heads, we are often facing with two choices regarding coil quantity, i.e. single coil and dual coils. 

Many are wonder which to choose between them and what are their pros and cons. Let us take this chance to elaborate on this issue.                                          

There is only one coil in contact with the e-liquid in single coil E-cigarette set up, thus there is less E-liquid consumption. Single coil E-cig runs at a lower power level, thus the battery can be used longer before each recharge. 

Two coils working together in dual coil E-cigarette makes it produce more vapor in same time, so as to the vapor density and flavor intensity. Also as dual coils E-cigarette usually works with a higher level of power, it brings more throat hit or lung inhale. 

Both Single coil and dual coils have their pros and cons. In a word, if you prefer the first 5 things in your vaping experience, you may consider go with a single coil set up. While if the last three things are your pursuit, you may go with dual coil set up. 

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How do I choose my E-liquid nicotine strength?

How do I choose my E-liquid nicotine strength?

For E-cigarette starters, it is essential to make right choice regarding e-liquid nicotine strength. It will not only satisfy your longing for nicotine or smoking, but also help you to get through the transition smoothly. 

With more and more people are aware of the health benefit of e-cigarette compared to conventional cigarette, many cigarette smokers are making the ultimate switch. 

For E-Cigarette starters, the most frequently asked question is which e-liquid nicotine strength do I choose. It varies from person to person. In order to make the transition smoother and be a successful one, it is suggested that you may choose similar level of nicotine strength as your current smoking style at the beginning. 

What does e-liquid nicotine strength (mg/ml) mean? 

E-liquid nicotine strength is generally labeled as 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg and so on. The numbers here represent the amount ("Strength") of nicotine in milligrams (mg) for each millilitre (ml) of E-Juice / E-Liquid. The full name shall be mg/ml, but commonly only the mg will be written.  The larger the number is, the higher the nicotine strength is. 

Take a 10ml 12mg e-liquid for example,  it total contains 120mg nicotine. Generally 10ml e-liquid is about 9 packs of cigarette. Each pack contains 20 cigarettes, that is 180 cigarettes total. Each cigarette can smoke for about 20 puffs (2-3 seconds each), that is 3600 puffs total. Thus each vapor puff will bring 0.03mg nicotine into your body, that is about the same as a regular cigarette puff will do. 

What is the right E-liquid nicotine level for me? 

Many cigarette smokers may have developed nicotine addiction.  Thus in the beginning of switch, we suggest you go with the strength which can satisfy your desire for nicotine and smoking.  After getting used to E-Cigarette, it is easier to lower and wean off your craving for it eventually. 

We made a chart for E-cigarette nicotine comparison,please look at the above excel photo,.

In order to find your sweet spot, we recommend you try one level up and down with a few of your favorite flavors. 


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A healthy lifestyle is very important in our daily life

With the fast development in modern society, more and more people pay attention 
to their health. Firstly, I would like to say own a healthy body is very 
important in daily life. It depends on someone’s happiness index.

However, most people has a very bad living habits. such as smoking, drinking, 
sleep late, lack of exercise and so on. those bad habits cause serious influence 
to our health. So, if you want to own a healthy body, please change your 

First of all, decrease smoking time from today, or choose a electronic cigarette 
instead of , because It is almost no harm to people’s body. besides, it is said 
that can choose different flavor according to what you like.

Secondly, drinking as little as possible , If it is not important occasions.

Thirdly, change your sleeping time, remind yourself go to bed as ealy as possible 
, if necessary, setting a alarm clock.

At last, make a plan for stick to regular exercise. the way of exercise could be 
not restrict. you can jogging, walking, play badminton or basketball etc. In 
short, start from a little habit, a good body will belonged to you. you can go 
where you want to go, do what you want to do, enjoy woderful life as much as 
possible. Then, a happiness life will be waved to you. your life will be more and 
more colorful.

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How much E-Cigarette can save you over tobacco cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a trend these days, basically due to the impression (or fact) that it is healthier and way less costly than traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Although E-Cigarettes are not confirmed to be 100% safe (yet), it is certain that it is free of those confirmed harms tobacco cigarettes will bring to its smokers. As for cost reduction, tobacco cigarettes industry is virtual monopoly, while E-Cigarettes are tax free (for now). And with the industry development, the material cost will be lowered down, the price of Ecig will own more prevailing advantage over tobacco cigarettes. 

Let us find out exactly how much it can save you. Assume you are a regular one pack per day tobacco smoker, the median price for a pack of cigarettes is $6~$8. Your monthly and yearly cost will be $180~$240 and $2160~$2880 respectively.  The average cost of an e-cig cartridge is about $2.50 – almost 1/3 the cost! Generally, one e-cigarette cartridge equates to one pack of cigarettes in terms of using time. Even after you include the cost of a starter kit (ranging from $20 to $100), the savings are substantial in monthly term. 

Beside from the direct cost reduction, E-Cigarette also brings much indirect savings, such as less hospital health care cost, less sick leaves at work and better performance in many aspects of life. 
It is unsure if E-Cigarettes are the futures of smoking for now, while let’s participate in this trend when it provides such benefits on both health and economic cost.